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Market Opportunity

Firefly Dx Applications and Markets

With expansive foreign troop deployment, increasing domestic populations, and the need for a stable supportive agricultural infrastructure, the availability of effective molecular screening technologies is of growing importance.  Whether natural or man-made, an invasive disease outbreak without proper monitoring or detection, and thus resulting in reduced countermeasure effectiveness, can significantly affect the health and commercial stability of livestock or human populations on a large scale. 

To this end, many biological and chemical based methodologies exist to detect a wide range of potential pathogenic threats.  Unfortunately, currently available technologies are still costly, labor intensive, and often limited to laboratory/clinical settings, thus falling short of truly effective point-of-need or timely site-specific monitoring. 

ExcitePCR is developing Firefly Dx to detect pathogens at the point of need, quickly and cost-effectively, providing sensitive and specific results in less than 30 minutes.


Human Infectious Diseases

  • Biothreat agent detection and diagnosis in multiplex test
  • True “Bed-side” diagnostic capability for Respiratory differential diagnostic panels
  • Diarrheal differential diagnostic panels
  • Antibiotic resistance detection panels (such as MRSA)
  • Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza panels
  • Other Emerging and Re-Emerging concerns such as Dengue Fever Virus, Chikungunya, Nipah, etc. in resource constrained environments



First Responders

  • Biothreat agent detection and confirmation (such as Anthrax) from environmental samples and powders
  • Rad/Nuc incident true exposure determination of casualties





  • True “Pen-side” diagnostic ability for high-priority and routine animal diseases (such as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome) for veterinarians and animal health technicians
  • Rapid and accurate diagnostics on-site for Foreign Animal Disease outbreaks (such as Foot and Mouth Disease Virus)
  • Field diagnostic capability for high-consequence invasive crop diseases




Human Clinical (non-infectious disease)Human Clinical (non-infectious disease)

  • Radiation exposure biodosimetry panel post-Rad/Nuc incident and for manned space missions (such as the International Space Station)
  • Cancer detection and diagnostics panels