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FireflyDX Attributes and Capabilities




Real-time TaqMan® PCR

“Gold standard” detection and identification, with the ability to port existing (the customer’s) assays onto FireflyDXTM cartridges instead of requiring proprietary assays.

True portable / handheld PCR-based devices, battery operated

Existing portable devices are either too heavy and large to be truly handheld, or use antibody-based testing with inferior sensitivity to Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Sample preparation performed within the FireflyDX cartridge

No portable PCR device exists that also performs sample prep – only detection; this greatly simplifies testing personnel qualifications and mobility.

Cartridge contains all reagents and is disposable

Simplifies testing personnel qualifications, protocol performance, and eliminates chances of contamination.

Sample to answer in 30 minutes

No existing handheld PCR device can perform automated sample prep and detection in less than 30 minutes.

Standard sample volumes and standard PCR volumes

Existing handheld PCR devices use reduced sample and PCR volumes to speed up processing time and accommodate microfluidics, reducing ability to detect the target of test – Limit of Detection (LOD). By contrast, FireflyDX devices will use lab standard volumes allowing lab comparable results and LOD.

Low price point for base unit and cartridges

No existing portable PCR devices can match the price point of FireflyDX devices. This will accelerate adoption and sales of base units and cartridges.