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ExcitePCR Named “Major Player” by Questale in Report titled “Global POC Molecular Diagnostics Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022”

New report marks first time an independent research firm has included ExcitePCR in a list of industry leaders in the field of Point-of-Care/Point-of-Need pathogen detection and monitoring solutions
Thu, 12/14/2017

Pleasanton, Calif.  — For the first time, ExcitePCR has been recognized as a “major player” in the Point-of-Care/Point-of-Need (POC/PON) healthcare diagnostics marketplace.

According to Questale (a market research firm based in San Francisco, California), ExcitePCR is one of fewer than 20 companies named in its recently published research report under the category of Infectious Diseases Testing. The Questale report — Global POC Molecular Diagnostics Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 — was published November 21, 2017.

“It’s a real honor for ExcitePCR to be included in Questale’s list of ‘major players’ in the Point-of-Care/Point-of-Need healthcare diagnostics marketplace,” said Lyle Probst, President and CEO of ExcitePCR. “Through our predecessor company, we have been an active participant in identifying and measuring airborne pathogens like anthrax for over 10 years. With the recent advancements we’ve made to our FireflyDX™ technologies, we are looking forward to bringing our first PCR-based testing and diagnostics systems to market next year.”

ExcitePCR’s first commercial product — the FireflyDX-Portable™ — is designed for use in several multi-billion-dollar industries (including medical testing and diagnostics), markets where molecular diagnostics are critical to ensure rapid safety and treatment protocols. Unfortunately, today’s existing solutions for accurately identifying potential pathogens and bio-threats, especially in-the-field at the Point-of-Care/Point-of-Need, can sometimes take as long as several hours to several days to provide results, dramatically delaying what is often life-saving treatment, while also increasing costs, both personal and financial. In addition, most state-of-the-art Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) solutions in use today for pathogen detection typically require a professionally trained operator working in a pristine laboratory setting and/or are heavy, bulky and tied to a personal computer to function properly.

“By contrast,” Probst explained, “ExcitePCR’s FireflyDX-Portable is a standalone, knapsack-sized bio-threat detection system that can be operated by virtually anyone with minimal training yet still produces highly accurate results. In addition, the FireflyDX-Portable will deliver such results in under 30 minutes, including sample preparation (which generally takes the most time in pathogen detection).”

About ExcitePCR

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, ExcitePCR Corporation is developing portable pathogen detection systems based upon superior sample preparation and realtime PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) methodologies. Its FireflyDX technologies will deliver rapid automated Point-of-Care/Point-of-Care (POC/PON) sample preparation and highly accurate biohazard identification in a fraction of the time currently possible using existing PCR-based solutions.

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