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About Us

ExcitePCR has developed proprietary technology enabling highly accurate, rapid, point-of-need molecular diagnostics. Our lead product candidate, Firefly Dx, is a small, all-in-one lab that can detect any bio-threat or other pathogen anytime, anywhere, providing accurate results within 30 minutes without additional laboratory equipment.

This first-in-class instrument was designed and developed by a strong scientific team and through work with strategic partners – US Department of Homeland Security and ENSCO, NASA and US Special Operations Command.

ExcitePCR is targeting worldwide molecular diagnostic applications where point-of need biological detection is becoming a requirement: bio-threats; infectious disease; food safety; agricultural and environmental testing.

Company Background

2004– MicroFludic Systems, the predecessor company to ExcitePCR, was the only company to successfully complete a seven-year, $35M development contract with the US Department of Homeland Security to develop an automated pathogen detection system (M-BAND) laying the foundation for Firefly Dx.

2011– MicroFluidic Systems, a leader in biological testing and sample prep applications, was acquired by PositiveID Corporation to accelerate development of proprietary molecular diagnostic instrumentation (Firefly Dx).

2014– Firefly Dx selected by DHS for the SenseNet biological monitoring program.

2016– Breadboard Firefly Dx achieved lab-quality sample preparation and detection standards for a variety of pathogens.

2017– ExcitePCR was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of PositiveID to provide greater flexibility for strategic partnership and/or financing opportunities.